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Why do crusades?

We are both humbled and honored that the Lord has opened the door for us to do crusades, and we believe this is only the beginning of what He is doing in our ministry and lives.

THE VISION Many years ago, when Hal first entered the ministry, he had a vision of doing mass crusades, but he did not know how and when the Lord would do it! He pondered this in his heart and prayed about it for 17 years until the door opened through Evangelist Michael Morelli to do his first one in Azua, Dominican Republic in 2000!

THE PURPOSE Why do crusades? That is a good question and other than to say that God told us to, we want to briefly explain what happens when a crusade comes to a town. The whole town is literally impacted by it. Imagine an event in your town where nearly 50% of the population attends that event during the week! Everyone is talking about Jesus and the miracles! It is the easiest time for the church of that city to win people to the Lord! It is as if God provides an open heaven for the church. 

For example, in San Pedro de Macorix, Dominican Republic, we heard the following report from several different people in that city. They were all saying that the town was “abuzz” with people talking about Jesus and the miracles they witnessed at the crusade! They were even amazed at Hal’s emphasis on Jesus and salvation. We thought that was what we were supposed to be doing! 

However, this was what we want to see—people throughout the city glorifying Jesus! A further point is that in several cities in which we have conducted crusades in the last couple of years, there have been major catastrophic events which have taken place shortly after the crusades. For instance, in St. Marc, Haiti, we held a mass crusade in November 2003 where thousands heard the Good News of Jesus Christ and responded.

However, in January and February of the following year, the coup which ousted President Aristide took place, and St. Marc was one of the key hotspots. Unfortunately, many in this city were slain. These were people who had a last opportunity to hear the Truth at the crusade only two months earlier. Later in May 2004 we held another crusade in Elias Pina, Dominican Republic. We had the same results—thousands saved and many received their healing.

Shortly after the crusade, we received the report that one of the massive hurricanes of that year dumped huge amounts of rainfall in that area of the D.R. and devastating floods killed many people in Elias Pina. Once again, these were precious souls who had the last opportunity to hear the Gospel before they went into eternity. 

THE RESULTS We firmly believe in follow-up, and that is why we will not do a crusade unless we are invited by the local pastors’ association, and they are committed to the follow-up process. We are receiving many reports that the pastors are seeing a significant impact in their churches and cities as a result of the crusades! In fact, they have invited us back which rarely happens. We thank God for this! This is why we do crusades. Even if those reasons were not true, we would still do crusades because Jesus has called us to do them, and first in our lives is the desire to be obedient to Him!  

When we arrived, it was raining because of Tropical Storm Gamma. It even looked like our first night might be rained out, so we began to pray! The afternoon of the first night, it stopped and did not rain in Moca the remainder of the week! In fact, it rained in cities just 15 miles to our north and south, but we saw stars overhead!

Then, the mayor presented us with the “Key to the City of Moca”! What an honor! The pastors were astounded because this honor had never been given to a Christian! The first two nights we had between 20-25,000 people and the final night there were 35,000 in attendance! All of this in a city of around 180,000 inhabitants! Officially, the altar counselors collected 3,000 decision cards, but thousands more raised their hands to receive the Lord and prayed the prayer of salvation with Hal. The pastors even told us that the altar counselors saw many people falling on their knees while Hal was preaching and repenting. It was an incredible move of God! Then, the miracles of healing started!


One lady who had been blind for 8 years was instantly healed! You should have seen the reaction from the crowd when she gave her testimony! We have never seen such rejoicing and dancing to the Lord! 

  Another lady who had a large tumor in her stomach gave testimony that it completely disappeared!

A man who had a brain tumor and could not raise his right hand or speak clearly felt something happen inside of him. He could raise his hand and speak clearly. He came up on the stage to demonstrate how God had touched him!

  We are so grateful to each of you who prayed with us and supported this outreach to the island nation of the Dominican Republic. Moca will never be the same again!